Business class regulations

The supplies that display on this web-site are coming from companies from which CreditCards. com receives reimbursement. This compensation might impression how and where products seem within this web site, which include, for instance, the order by which that they could appear within record classes. Different elements, just like our personal proprietary internet site guidelines plus the chance of candidates’ credit score acceptance also effects how and the place items appear on this web site. CreditCards. com fails to include the whole universe of obtainable economic or credit worthiness provides. Begin to see the net charge card features for facts in regards to the terms and situations of a suggestion.

The record would possibly vary from financial institution to financial institution with new files added to your chance. More regarding all the required paperwork in this article.

I was unfit to be finding a very similar guide from Discover on-line, so when you need those regulations, I would recommend requesting your retailer processor. I could see why you’re annoyed. Fortunately, you do not should depend on organization representatives to find service provider category codes, or MCCs. An MCC just isn’t a certain amount on the final of the home loan, but in the house owner’s federal taxation in the future. The credit score works extremely well for each foreseeable future taxes year by which the home loan is organised that the home owner has a taxes liability.

A card that stores worth and is employed as a substitute of cash to pay for things or companies. The change of products and companies pertaining to cost amongst the cardholder and service provider. The transaction is conducted (utterly or partially) through digital interaction.

This isn’t the one charge the service provider account supplier will surely cost. Among others are the month-to-month and decline fee, furthermore to chargeback and money back guarantee charges. Be certain to a new bit inside the contract wherever they’re referred to rigorously not to be captured by surprise down the road. The next step could be gathering all the paperwork and submitting those to the financial institution. The paperwork embrace a detailed set of all of the organization actions you are going to conduct, a voided analyze for the checking account, and tax returns.

As well as the Wal-Mart Discover card symbolizes as much as 1% cash back on all acquisitions (0. 30 % on acquisitions as much as $1, 500, zero. 5 g. c on purchases by $1, 500. 01 to $3, 1000 and 1 percent on buys over $3, 000). Finally, the service provider may want to pay a setup service charge for the account.

Precisely what is MNC on phone?

The definition of MCC MCC is an acronym that stands for the purpose of “Merchant Category Code. ”

mcc code

Paying attention to just how your greeting card is categorizing a purchase may help you get more details, particularly if you patronize a particular merchant usually. So , how will you lookup the MCCs of any specific business? The IRS . GOV publishes a full list of computer codes, but every single card community additionally possesses its own record. As a result, a service provider might have a special code with Australian visa than with Mastercard, for instance.

The amount on the tax credit scores is corresponding to 20 percent on the mortgage fascination paid for the tax month. The remaining eighty percent curiosity remains being eligible to be used as a taxes deduction.

  • Your reseller category code influences aspects worth considering of doing venture.
  • This settlement permits the former to method and admit credit card funds.
  • CreditCards. com credit score runs are resulting from FICO® Get 8, which can be one of many several types of credit scores.
  • The MCC assigned to your business impacts a chargeback.
  • The change of goods and providers for rate between the cardholder and supplier.

If you run a lucrative enterprise and have been for a while and have multiple places, you should positively experience your personal service plan carrier IDENTIFICATION and use an official vendor providers distributor. They’ll be able to equip the corporation when using the proper fee structures and methods to avoid wasting the corporation money whereas providing your customers having a greater competence. Merchant IDs usually are not public information and can not be searched as such.

Verified simply by Visa Charge-back Protection Limitations

As a economic establishment, you can use cut back many of those complications by simply permitting prospective customers to use identical cost alternatives corresponding to quasi funds or cash advances. Completing this task would not basically reduce working prices, nonetheless it additionally offers a couple of further benefits. What financial institution does not enjoy receiving funds?

Credit card sites use MCCs to categorize and monitor purchases. When a purchase order is added to your affirmation, the class assigned to that, such as “grocery stores, supermarkets, ” is tied to the service agency class code.

To offer you a concept of how that actually works, here is what the trusted resources report about the popularity of several bank card manufacturers in several components of the world. It is a place to begin of the journey. Begin with analyzing what credit card brands are essential to you.

mcc code

Precisely what is network uncover code?

This code pinpoints the portable operator. The detailed stand with MCC and MNC codes exists here. LAC – Location Area Code is a unique range of current area area. CellID (CID) — is a generally unique amount used to determine each Platform transceiver mcc code lookup station (BTS) or sector of a BTS within a Position area code.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover use MCCs to determine the interchange charges suppliers are costed. Acquirers apply MCCs to identify forbidden enterprise varieties. Additionally they measure the prospect before working together with a service company. You can discover a complete listing of supplier class limitations supplied by the IRS here.

A credit card bearing a free account quantity designated to a card holder with a borrowing limit that can be utilized to purchase services and goods and to get hold of cash disbursements on credit ranking. A card holder is subsequently billed by an issuer to get reimbursement on the credit score extended directly or on an installation foundation.

Sellers with particular MCCs will probably be denied firms from several fee providers. At WePay, we use an analogous code to help all of us better appreciate your business. Under is the report on MCCs that any of us use to sort your account under. See the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE web site when a code relevant to the corporation actually listed here.

Just how many invitee passes can an MCC member receive?

MCC special is for personal use only which is strictly non-transferable. It is also your responsibility to make certain your cards is secure all the time so it can not be “borrowed” by anyone else to work with. Misuse of membership greeting cards may result in the expulsion or perhaps suspension of a member.

Charge-back FAQ

Please be sufferer. It often takes 30 days for us to contest how to avoid paypal chargeback a chargeback, and it could have your purchaser’s credit card firm up to 75 times to come back into a final conviction and take care of a chargeback.

This preserve will stay in place while you work together with the buyer to resolve the claim and might be launched again to you if the state is settled in your favor. With regards to Item Certainly not Received (INR) claims, at the time you present the kind of info for the reason that outlined within the Seller Safety Policy, and the claim is determined in your favor, the bucks may be released to you. Once a promise has been submitted, the best thing to perform is rapidly present any kind of requested data.

Proving the cardholder was aware of and approved the transaction being disputed is crucial. Any info that explains proof of this, such as AVS (handle verification system) matches, CVV confirmations, signed receipts or contracts, or an originating IP corresponding the customer’s location really are a must. The majority of banks gained’t even contemplate the rest of the response devoid of this info. It’s no secret that in the world of chargebacks, card sites nearly all the time aspect with cardholders.

How can PayPal handle chargebacks?

DEAL WITH SHADY ACTIVITY For PayPal we realize you, so any email from us will addresses you from your first and last name or your business term in the body on the email. A message from PayPal will not ask you to send sensitive information like your username and password, bank account, or visa or mastercard details.

paypal chargeback scams

Scammers usually Be Conning – My personal Experience With A PayPal Chargeback

It’s within a vendor’s biggest curiosity to cooperate with the customer to resolve the claim. This is a seller’s prospect to make use of great customer support to solve a problem that help forestall this from growing into one idea larger. Definitely, not getting chargebacks in any way is the ideal … nevertheless so long as the training exists, it has possible that consumers will dispute transactions, remarkably in response to legal fraud. The moment that happens, the best a merchant can hope for should be to study with regard to the chargeback before it’s in fact filed.

The mover wouldn’t normally accept cash and if We write a browse through or pay out by CC, so may well too, the customer! The item weighs less than twenty lbs.

We have a graphic design company. We had a buyer record a lay claim in opposition to all of us via his CC company then they notified pay buddie which pay out pal advised us of a claim. Psy pal hasnt charged all of us again, they’re investigating the declare and that we now have offered our evidence. He had presented us a 50%deposit which is needed to start out the roles and get the process began.

  • Then we will place a brief maintain about all cash in the transaction.
  • In some cases, the service provider might even be combined with the Terminated Merchant Data file, leading to a blacklisting simply by acquirers, possibly destroying the entire enterprise.
  • However , if a supplier goes out of business or perhaps stops control funds through PayPal, we all will use any reserve to satisfy future payment reversals.
  • This wiped out the adverse balance instantly.
  • Several payment cpus will cost a merchant for the purpose of chargebacks to cowl management costs.
  • Lynch says it’s a good advice to make use of these announcements so then you can definitely address charge-backs promptly.

What is a chargeback in accounts receivable?

PayPal Seller Safeguard covers you in the event of claims, chargebacks, or reversals that are a direct result unauthorized buys or items your new buyer didn’t acquire. With PayPal Seller Protection, you are covered pertaining to the full sum of all suitable transactions.

Our merchant bank or investment company informs all of us of the chargeback, and we instantly e mail the vendor. The seller may then log in to their PayPal account and attend the Resolution Center to observe the standing upright of the case and gives facts to help solve the matter.

The chargeback system exists mostly for buyer health and safety. Holders of bank cards issued in the usa are afforded reversal privileges by Regulation Z of this Truth in Lending Take action. United States charge card holders are given the assurance reversal legal rights by Control E of this Electronic Money Transfer Respond. Similar legal rights lengthen globally, pursuant for the rules established by the corresponding card association or financial institution network. Chargebacks likewise occur in the distribution operate.

What Happens When Chargebacks are Issued?

For occasion, PayPal is going to compile inner data and mix that with info you show dispute a chargeback, every credit/debit cards guidelines. Merely having a charge-back filed against you’ll not by mechanical means have an effect on the vendor suggestions.

paypal chargeback scams

You can view the chargeback payment and process in ourUser Agreement. Had PayPal’s service provider financial institution not taken the cash for that charge-back, PayPal more than likely include wanted to move the vendor’s funds. Note that if the contest is found in love of the merchant, PayPal will certainly credit score the Seller’s accounts with the disputed funds. Some other chargebacks are associated to technical challenges between the vendor and the giving financial institution, just like when a buyer was loaded twice for a single deal.

Paypal is really the worst in terms of dealer rights. If a buyer submits their request a reimbursement properly, I actually don’t visualize there is any means for it to fail.

This system of quite often takes about thirty days, however extra advanced instances may take for a longer time than thirty days. Once a contest is certainly opened, you could have 20 times to work with the consumer to resolve it. (PayPal gained’t be involved around this level. ) If neither you nor the customer escalates the claim in the course of the 20-day eye-port, it is going to be closed down automatically.

Windscribe VPN Review & Check

Some areas have better speeds than others, on the other hand I did find out in taken into consideration one of their very own blogs or perhaps earlier answers to a customer that windscribe reviews it’s ideal to connect to a spot nearer to the place you truly are in case the speeds look like particularly struggling that time. Individually, with what you may get on the cost-free plan, is considered ok to talk about this a quite satisfying VPN. My personal primary purpose was to make use of it pertaining to NETFLIX, that is not attainable, throughout the velocity belonging to the connection is definitely 3mb! hence no approach it could possibly stream FullHD content material, not to mention 4k! Ignore it should you use for this reason.

Also, since Murph stated, they have plenty of servers in every single location. There is over two hundred servers in the US and Canada together. No clue how the create is bothersome in any method either. The Windows customer and cellular apps take care of every little thing very easily they usually have got clear step-by-step instructions on establishing up with out utilizing the client. I possess purchased the unlimited pro with a prepare that offered 20 years plan for $forty eight. 99.

Setting up WindScribe

When using the offered velocity, you could stream high-high top quality movies, down load Gigabytes selling price of subject material and browse seamlessly. Even though gaming aid problem as a result of excessive Titled ping fee.

We suggest you need to contact Windscribe VPN new buyer support immediately. For customers of USMobile, any energised plan (a plan with nothing upon it costs about two USD every month) features a 100GB/month windscribe voucher. I have been with it for some time, seeing that my telephone’s plan is with USMobile however. It has every one of the features one could need coming from a VPN service and it is straightforward to use.

Windscribe VPN makes use of the AES 256-bit cipher which is taken into consideration incredibly secure. Shall we talk about some of the details which were associated towards the best way Windscribe VPN accessories its security standard. You will discover not any gray areas in Windscribe personal privacy coverage as long as the company coping with the consumer’s data is usually worried.

During our personal in-home examining, we all found NordVPN to have one of many higher rates out of all the so-called VPNs we looked at. Additionally, it didn’t even contact the latency the moment connecting to cross-country game servers, examined out for 1 . 14ms jitter, without packet reduction. These are the particular kind of statistics you want to see within a gaming VPN. You must sign up to the paid plan to keep away from knowledge limit restrictions. Yes, the charges looks applicable if you evaluate with the solutions you might be receiving.

windscribe vpn review

Can be TunnelBear safe?

Relating to my personal knowledge Netflix won’t suspend you should you be using a VPN to disengage Netflix. Unless of course you’re employing an IP Address that is not trustworthy in list of Netflix. Its hard designed for VPNs to get through this Prohibit but it’s not extremely hard. A few providers are offering extraordinary Netflix features and they will work too.

  • You possibly can make the most of your Netflix membership and get access to much more good motion pictures and TV reveals by making use of another area’s service through any of the rigorously curated VPN services stated down under.
  • Gradually, someone for Netflix captured wind with this, and so they were not joyful.
  • The VPN uses AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA vital.
  • For free users, because of this they must scroll straight down quite a bit earlier than they will view the VPN servers that Windscribe permits them to get connected to.
  • Windscribe is rather like some other VPN however greater quality features and a generally higher volume of locations and speeds.

windscribe vpn review

Sadly, a lot of VPN suppliers favor to irritate finish users with prolonged T&Cs or perhaps privateness claims that usually cover significant details about how they operate. On the contrary finish of the spectrum happen to be VPN services that can remove everything following your workout closes and don’t maintain logs. VPN providers are in for the amount and doing work such an enterprise does value a lot particularly if it is a favorite one. Several, like Tunnelbear, will use absolutely free, just like Dropbox, as a advertising product to attract potential prospects to move to a paid out version once they are happy while using free a single. Most however will sell customer data or present a single thing to a 3rd celebration that can, once again, compromise the privacy.

In distinction, varied VPNs like PureVPN and Surfshark offer far more machines and options for actually cheaper. In standard, users have got favored the service as a result of plenty of causes. Several subscribers own appreciated the Windscribe Google android app. In the opposite side, few users have most popular Windscribe due to its freemium version.

The reply to the query “Does Windscribe work with Netflix” depends upon what type of subscription you use. My spouse and i examined a totally free model of Windscribe and could not make US Netflix work with any storage space I connected to. Let’s be honest, no person actually expected various outcome since VPN vendors can’t present high quality companies when you pay for nothing.

It could worth the try also on the totally free plan to see if it is the VPN for you. I actually started off it means and now chosen to put cash into the pro plan. Been a fan of Windscribe. They’re actually constructing new features that users request.

Evaluation between PureVPN and Windscribe

Does Windscribe have a kill swap?

Seeing that a VPN encrypts your entire traffic, your internet connection will only observe indecipherable gibberish that is sent back and on between your computer/mobile device and a Server. To put it simply, your ISP won’t understand any of your targeted traffic when you hook up through a VPN.

I did so start off over the free method however seemed I needed ‘more’ which was so why I concluded to provide that a go and improve to Pro. After the upgrade I just felt I had been getting the service providers I needed this is why I’d undoubtedly supporter going Pro and forking out that minimal further intended for dependable businesses,. Compated to other VPN’s, Windscribe is much advanced and properly retained. The fact so it presents a tiny server count and no day-to-day reside discussion possibility may disappoint clients significantly.

The paid model also lets you manually sign up for routers, Windows Phones and Linux machines. (Keep in mind that VPN browser extensions safeguard only that specific browser’s visitors. ) A fresh ad and tracking blocker works on most Windscribe consumer software.

Why You NEED to be on LinkedIn

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW

LinkedIn has quickly become an indispensible tool for job seekers and career-oriented people. It is a social networking site for people who understand the important role that personal relationships play in attaining their career goals. Far more effective and interactive than the big job boards, LinkedIn puts you in the driver’s seat of your job search.

When you join LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to do the following:

* Build a network of important contacts …
* Create a profile and post your resume …
* Join groups for your industry and profession …
* Post comments and join discussions relevant to your field.

Why are these benefits so important? Let’s take a look at four ways LinkedIn can help in your job search:

~ Enables you to be found by recruiters and hiring managers: Your profile, resume, and participation in LinkedIn groups will attract recruiters who are seeking candidates in your specialty. Additionally, once you establish contact with recruiters or employers, they likely will look you up on LinkedIn to see what you are all about. If you are not on LinkedIn, in many ways, you simply do not exist.

~ Enables you to find others: The search mechanism works both ways: If you have an interview scheduled, you can research your interviewer’s background, groups, and online discussions. This can make you much more prepared for your meeting. Even better, if you are targeting a particular company or individual, you can use your network to connect. And as you grow your list of contacts on LinkedIn, your network expands exponentially. Here’s how it works: Let’s say that you have 50 people in your network, and they each have 50 people in their networks. You are then able to tap into your contacts’ contacts, providing exposure to a network of 2,500 people! LinkedIn makes it easy to use your contacts to gain introductions. The key is to continually build your network with a broad range of individuals to maximize your search capabilities.

~ Helps build “expert status”: Once you join industry-related groups on LinkedIn, you are able to participate in discussions and share your views on relevant topics. This creates an online trail that is visible to others who are researching your background. You have a tremendous opportunity to position yourself as an expert and raise your credibility within your industry.

~ Verifies your achievements: While anyone can create a resume that boasts of his or her achievements, LinkedIn enables you to back up these claims with testimonials from others. Your background and accomplishments become so much more believable when others are willing to write an online recommendation for you.

Often people ask if their presence on LinkedIn will alert their current employers that they are seeking a new position. This is a possibility; however, LinkedIn can also be used to network for your company. If you can figure out a way to make your participation on LinkedIn related to your current job, then your presence on the site may not set off any alarms. In fact, you can connect to your boss and coworkers and initiate discussions relevant to your company’s goals and challenges. You can receive all of the benefits of memberships without explicitly announcing to the LinkedIn community that you are currently exploring new career opportunities.

It is also important to understand that simply being a member of LinkedIn will do little to help you reach your career goals. It requires effort on your part to build relationships, increase your visibility, and seek new opportunities.

Ready to sign up? Great! Feel free to connect with me once you are a member.

Tapping into the “Hidden” Job Market

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW

When you learn how to tap into the unadvertised job market, your job-search will be much more productive and rewarding.

In the career-services community, it is a well accepted fact that approximately 80% of job openings are unadvertised. When I mentioned this to a colleague recently, she said this number is way off: It’s closer to 85-90%. One thing is for sure: More than ever, it is essential to be “at the right place at the right time” to achieve success in this increasingly competitive job market.

When you look at how companies seek candidates, this high figure makes complete sense. Think about how hiring is done where you work. When a position becomes available, does the company rush out to post the vacancy on Not likely. Most companies will first look internally for candidates and referrals. Additionally, company recruiters will use their sources, contacts, and databases long before they give up and offer the posting to a big job board.

And when a posting does make its way to a large job board, it can generate hundreds – or even thousands – of responses. How can anyone expect to stand out when their resume is among three or four thousand others? In fact, there is a good chance that your resume will never even be read if it not among the first few hundred received.

This is true across the board – from entry-level jobs through senior executive positions. If your job search strategy consists mainly of combing through big job boards for advertised positions, then you are missing out on four out of five openings. And it is highly likely that about 80% of job seekers are battling over those 20% of advertised positions. Does this mean that you should ignore the job boards? No, not at all. But let’s stop using them as the primary or only source of job seeking.

There is a much better way. But it entails more effort and commitment than simply scanning openings on or By taking a proactive approach, you can bypass your competition and get your resume into the hands of the actual decision makers. Here is one strategy you can use to access the hidden job market:

Step #1: Identify your target position. The only way you capitalize on unadvertised job opportunities is by knowing what you are seeking in the first place. You must narrow down your focus to a specific position, level, and industry.

Step #2: Identify target companies. I realize that this is easier said than done, but once you narrow your job focus, you can then begin to make a wish list of companies where you would like to work. Through networking and online research ( is a great source), you can then locate the hiring managers for the position you are seeking.

Step #3: Build your expert status by enhancing your credentials and increasing your online presence. Social networking, blogging, and article writing are three great ways to increase your online visibility and position yourself as a strong candidate once you begin to make contacts with hiring managers.

Step #4: Leverage your network of contacts to get an introduction into the company. Once you focus on your energies on contacting hiring managers on your list of ideal companies, you will be surprised how quickly you are able to gain introductions.

By switching your job-search strategy from passively combing job boards to proactively pursuing your ideal contacts, you will be in a much better position to be “at the right place at the right time” and take advantage of the unadvertised job market.

Attaining Career Happiness: Aiming for the Perfect Job

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP 

When I ask a client what type of position he or she is seeking, the response is usually along the lines of: “Well, I’ve been in purchasing the past 12 years, so I suppose I don’t really have a choice” or “My whole career has been in retail, so I guess that’s where I’ll be looking” or even worse, “I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years; I’m too old to try anything new.”

Do you see the common thread among these responses? There seems to be a feeling of being trapped. Doomed! Sentenced to live out the rest of their lives in careers they don’t like, can’t escape from, and are forced to endure.

A popular belief is that once you begin a career, you are powerless to change to something else. But is this necessarily the case? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people feel compelled to continue in their careers even though they may not have passion for or interest in the work:

Comfort Zone: It is very difficult for people to go beyond the familiar into the unknown. For example, a nurse with ten years of experience is comfortable in a healthcare setting. She has developed strong clinical skills, knows her way around hospitals, and has a pretty good idea what to expect. No surprises. She may not be satisfied with her job, but the thought of venturing outside of her familiar environment is stressful and even terrifying.

Starting Over: A stock broker with 15 years of experience remembers the early days of his career: cold calling, learning the ropes, and getting stuck with the less desirable tasks. He has worked hard and paid his dues to get to the level he enjoys today. Why would he sacrifice his growth and achievements just to try something new?

Salary: Although it is possible to maintain or even increase levels of pay when switching careers, salary levels generally decline when entering a new field. And not to mention benefits! Once someone has worked up to five weeks’ vacation, it becomes difficult to think about going back to one or two weeks.

Given the above reasons, why on earth would anyone ever consider changing their careers? The truth is that there are a lot more factors at play than salary and comfort level alone. Job satisfaction is an important consideration. According to a 2005 national survey by The Conference Board, only 50% of all Americans are content with their jobs. And of these 50%, a mere 14% are “very satisfied.”

The issue is quality of life. What are you willing to do to achieve job satisfaction? Can you afford to sacrifice a little salary to gain peace of mind, more time with your family, and work that you actually enjoy? Don’t you want a career that makes you feel passionate, satisfied, and alive?

 The good news: For many, it’s not too late. You’re not too old. You can learn new skills. You can make a transition. You can improve the quality of your life!

 Okay, if you’ve been a marketing coordinator for 25 years in the steel industry in Pennsylvania, but your goal has always been to play centerfield for the Phillies, that ship may have already sailed. But! If sports is your passion, what would be the harm of sending a resume to the Phillies for a position in their marketing department? And if that doesn’t work, how about the Pirates? The 76ers? (well, maybe not the 76ers – you have to hold some standards!). Unless your financial obligations are so great that your family couldn’t survive any type of pay cut, then you owe it to yourself to at least investigate other options.

Here’s your action plan: Since you are already considering looking for another job anyway, make two lists. The first is your “safe” list. Write down all of the companies that would seriously consider someone with your credentials. This list will most likely focus on opportunities in or closely related to your existing industry.

But then make another list. This is your fantasy list – a list of jobs you’ve always wanted. Why should you spend the rest of your life in an unsatisfying career without at least trying to get your dream job?

Even if your ideal career is a one-in-a-million long shot, take a chance anyway; you have absolutely nothing to lose. Be creative, resourceful, and enthusiastic in your job search, and you may find yourself working in a career that brings you a wealth of enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

This is a risk-free strategy. Since you are applying to the safe jobs as well, you will not be losing any productivity on your higher percentage job search. And if you are unable to find your dream job – or if you investigate a career change and decide to stay in your current field anyway, then you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you at least made the attempt.

Your career and your future are in your hands.

Secrets to Great Thank You Letters

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP

You’ve prepared well for your job interview: You researched the company, answered all of their questions thoroughly, and made a great impression. But before you run home and indulge in a celebratory box of Fig Newtons, there’s still one more thing you have to do to complete the interview process: write a thank you letter.

Okay, let’s not hyperventilate; it’s not that difficult. It should only take you a few moments and it could very well be the final touch that brings you a job offer. Human resources professionals have varied opinions regarding thank you letters; some aren’t at all swayed by them, while others consider a thank you letter to be an important component of the interview process. In either case, sending a thank you letter is a wise decision because it is courteous and it reflects your professionalism.

Let’s discuss three types of thank you letters: standard thank you letter, follow-up letter, and hiring proposal.

 Standard Thank You Letter:

Just as the name implies, this type of letter expresses your appreciation to the interviewer for taking the time to interview you for the position. It does not go into great detail about you or the interview; instead it is an upbeat, concise note that simply fulfills your obligation of sending a thank you letter.

Follow-up Letter:

More in-depth than a standard thank you, a follow-up letter discusses specific issues that were brought up during the interview. Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about the employer’s concerns and needs, you can use the follow-up letter as an opportunity to demonstrate why you are the perfect person for the position. You can highlight the qualifications you believe match the position, overcome any objections that arose during the interview, and provide any other supporting information that will help your cause. Follow-up letters are generally one or two pages.

Hiring Proposal:

Here is where it gets interesting. A hiring proposal is a detailed report that states exactly what you intend to do if hired by the company. If you choose to write a proposal of this nature, you must have a full understanding of the company’s goals, capabilities, and resources. You clearly state what results you will accomplish and how you plan on accomplishing them.  When I create hiring proposals for my clients, I like to break it into 30-day, 90-day, and one-year goals. If you really want to make an impact to a prospective employer, commit to achieving measurable results and milestones within specified timeframes.

Is it better to mail or e-mail your thank you letter? Either way is fine; just make sure you send it. If you have been corresponding with the company via e-mail, then continue to do so. A mailed thank you letter is more formal, but still appropriate.

When should you send the thank you letter? A few days later? A week? The answer: Right away. The minute you get home. This is not a situation where you want to play hard to get. Write and send the letter immediately to let the employer know you are serious and enthusiastic about the job. If you wait a week, the job may already be filled.

So now your work is done. The interview went well, the thank you letter was sent. Feel free to raid the cupboard and lapse into a Fig Newtons frenzy. You deserve it!

What’s Killing YOUR Job Search?

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP
You know what it is. It’s that thing. That thing that holds you back. “It” stops you from: Landing a new job, obtaining a promotion, getting a raise, receiving a bonus, earning what you are worth, finding career satisfaction, in short – being happy. “It” is the very reason for your career misery. Without “it,” you’d be running the company by now.

“It” is different for everyone. But it’s there, lurking, keeping you up at night. If you are like many job seekers, you worry about that one flaw in your background. What is it for you? Don’t have your Master’s Degree? Or your Bachelor’s? Had too many jobs in too few years? Too few jobs? Have a whopping gap in your employment history? Been out of work too long? Are you too old? Too young? Don’t Speak Urdu? Only speak Urdu? Been fired? Demoted? Passed over for a promotion? Are you the wrong gender? Wrong size? Wrong nationality? Belong to the wrong country club? Well?? What is “it” for you? And most important, how on earth will you explain “it” on an interview???

What is important to understand is that very few people have perfect backgrounds. And if they did, their particular backgrounds may not be what every employer is seeking. Each of us brings a separate set of qualifications and value to a position. And each position requires different sets of skills, knowledge, experience, and training. The people you are competing against have their own unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses. They will be more qualified than you in some areas, and less qualified in others.

Instead of focusing your energies on creating stories to fend off attacks on your weaknesses, try concentrating on the value you are bringing into the position. You will find that employers are lot more receptive to hearing about why you will be an asset to a company – as opposed to why you won’t be a liability. So, while “it” may not be your strongest point, it’s probably not holding you back as much as you think it is. On your job search, be positive and be productive, and you will find success.

10 Deadly Resume Mistakes

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP
I am often asked for advice on creating knock-em-dead, interview-getting, Pulitzer-Prize-winning, blow- the-competition-out-of-the-water, super-cool resumes. In this article, however, I will discuss the exact opposite: Costly resume mistakes. Understanding what not to include on a resume can be just as helpful as resume pointers.If you’re in the beginning stages of building your resume, then you will want to be sure to avoid these blunders:

1. Resume is too random and generic; lacks focus. For fear of limiting their opportunities, many people are afraid to make a stand and commit to a target position or industry. Consequently, their resumes end up being too long and too general. Jacks-of-all-trades are generally passed up for specialists and experts with targeted focuses.

2. Too much emphasis on job descriptions and not enough on accomplishments. In most cases, your job title alone speaks volumes about your day-to-day responsibilities. It is far more effective to describe achievements and quantifiable results. Your duties are important, but not as much as how well you performed them.

3. Weak or general objectives. In most fields, you do not need to have an objective on your resume. A well- crafted “headline” or summary section is sufficient to provide the reader with a clear understanding of your target position.

4. Silly mistakes: This includes everything from hard-to-read type styles to wrong phone numbers to having unprofessional email addresses (listing your email as on your resume won’t help your job search … or will it?)

5. Lying on resumes. It is very easy these days for employers to check into your background. Many companies hire outside agencies to perform pre-employment investigations. Adding a degree you don’t have or changing dates on your employment history or omitting jobs altogether are fairly simple to detect if the company does any checking at all.

6. Listing irrelevant information such as hobbies, interests, personal data, political or religious affiliations, or obscure memberships (wow, are you really the vice president of Milky Way Lovers International? You’re hired!).

7. Adding nonsense to “fill up the page.” Although it is unlikely you won’t be able to fill up a page with pertinent experiences and accomplishments, I would much prefer you creating quarter-of-a-page of high-impact achievements rather than a packed page filled with meaningless fluff.

8. There is no number 8.

9. Using tiny print or ridiculous margins to cram extra information onto the page. Do not be afraid to venture onto a second (or even third) page if the information is relevant and results-focused.

10. Sending a resume without a cover letter. At the very least, sending a cover letter is more professional than sending a resume by itself. Use it as an opportunity to highlight your value and point out specific reasons why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Avoid these mistakes, focus on your unique value, and you will have a powerful and persuasive resume.

Jumpstart Your Job-Search: Roadmap to Success

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP

Whether you are making a career switch, rebounding from a layoff, or re-entering the job market, I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how to proceed. For many people, launching a job search is like being lost in a dense forest with no trails or signposts to lead the way. But don’t panic just yet! When you take a systematic approach, the process is very manageable – even exciting! This week’s job-search tip is designed to give you direction as you embark on your journey.

Step #1: Make a Plan

Instead of haphazardly jumping into a job search, it is best to create a strategy. Here’s how:

Identify your target job: This includes the industry, position, level, geographic area, salary range, etc. The more you know about what you are seeking, the more targeted you can make your job search. If you are staying in your current field, this part should be easy. If not, try your best to narrow down the choices.

Research: Once you’ve identified your target job, learn as much as you can about the requirements of this position. You can do this through internet research (company websites have valuable information), industry publications, and best of all – networking with friends, family, and business contacts in the field.

Prepare the materials needed for your job search: Resume, cover letter, references, and other supporting documentation. The resume and cover letter should be tailored toward the position or field you are pursuing.

Step #2: Take Action

With your plan in place, you are ready to launch a full-scale job-search campaign. So what now? Help wanted ads? Post a resume to job boards? Send resumes unsolicited? Try a headhunter? The short answer: yes to all! Although each method by itself will usually yield minimal results, using all of the above methods will get you to your goal much faster.

The most effective way to find a job is networking with friends, family, and associates. Once you spread the word that you are seeking a position in a particular field, you will be amazed at how many opportunities present themselves. Many times the connection is vague: A friend of a friend has an aunt who has an opening in her company; but sometimes the connection is much closer. Often your contacts are not aware of how they can help you in your search. It is your responsibility to let them know.

Step #3 – Job-Search Journal

While making a lot of quality contacts is an excellent way of ensuring a successful job search, it is equally important to be organized and keep detailed records of your actions. Each time you send a resume, speak to an employer, or go on an interview, you must record it in a journal. Be sure to include the name of the contact, the gist of the conversation, and any follow-up action that you plan to take. This will enable you to track your results, increase productivity, and reduce duplicate efforts.

Do you want your job search to end quickly and successfully? Then work productively. Make as many quality contacts as possible. What is a good number to aim for? I advise clients to make at least 25 contacts per week. Through networking, social media, recruiters, and direct contact with companies, this number will not be difficult to attain. With a little motivation, you could probably double that number easily. Maintain a positive attitude, keep up your productivity, and in no time at all, you will have your share of interviews.

Good luck and happy job hunting!