What’s Killing YOUR Job Search?

By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP
You know what it is. It’s that thing. That thing that holds you back. “It” stops you from: Landing a new job, obtaining a promotion, getting a raise, receiving a bonus, earning what you are worth, finding career satisfaction, in short – being happy. “It” is the very reason for your career misery. Without “it,” you’d be running the company by now.

“It” is different for everyone. But it’s there, lurking, keeping you up at night. If you are like many job seekers, you worry about that one flaw in your background. What is it for you? Don’t have your Master’s Degree? Or your Bachelor’s? Had too many jobs in too few years? Too few jobs? Have a whopping gap in your employment history? Been out of work too long? Are you too old? Too young? Don’t Speak Urdu? Only speak Urdu? Been fired? Demoted? Passed over for a promotion? Are you the wrong gender? Wrong size? Wrong nationality? Belong to the wrong country club? Well?? What is “it” for you? And most important, how on earth will you explain “it” on an interview???

What is important to understand is that very few people have perfect backgrounds. And if they did, their particular backgrounds may not be what every employer is seeking. Each of us brings a separate set of qualifications and value to a position. And each position requires different sets of skills, knowledge, experience, and training. The people you are competing against have their own unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses. They will be more qualified than you in some areas, and less qualified in others.

Instead of focusing your energies on creating stories to fend off attacks on your weaknesses, try concentrating on the value you are bringing into the position. You will find that employers are lot more receptive to hearing about why you will be an asset to a company – as opposed to why you won’t be a liability. So, while “it” may not be your strongest point, it’s probably not holding you back as much as you think it is. On your job search, be positive and be productive, and you will find success.